The Museum Showing
the Supreme Beauty of 1000 Years

平等院ミュージアム 鳳翔館

Close-up of
Numerous National Treasures

Meet another side of Byodoin Temple brought to life by the latest technology
The registered museum where numerous National Treasures reside
“Temple Bell”, “Phoenix”, “The Praying Bodhisattva (Buddhist Saint) on Clouds”
Devout and modest
Experience an unforgettable time in the museum
Byodoin Temple Museum “Hoshokan”, where the present moment and eternity meet


As the former temple museum (opened in 1965) had become outdated, an innovative third-generation museum was opened in 2001. This is the Hoshokan Museum which achieved a significantly improved storage environment utilizing the cutting-edge facilities of that time. It is the first comprehensive museum run by a religious organization (Registered Museum #20 of Kyoto Prefecture).
Although most of the museum structures are embedded underground in order not to ruin the temple scenery, the interior receives ample natural sunlight and functional lighting always keep the museum bright. The museum’s exterior blends harmoniously with Phoenix Hall (Hou-ou-do) and the garden (National Historic and Scenic Beauty Site).
In addition, the largest-scale glass wall case in Japan enables visitors to view these magnificent cultural properties in prime conditions.

Main collection and exhibits

National Treasures 1 Temple Bell, 26 Statues of the Praying Bodhisattva (Buddhist Saint) on Clouds, a pair of Phoenix
Important Cultural Properties The Eleven-faced Kannon (Juichi-men Kannon)
Cultural Property of Uji City Statue of Taishakuten, Statue of Jizo Bosatsu, and others
Other Cultural Assets Excavated Items
Demon-face design roof tiles (Oni Gawara) from the Heian period (8-12th century), roof tiles for eaves from the original construction time, earthen wares from the original construction time

Facility Information

Proprietor Byodoin Temple
Founded March 1, 2001
Architect Akira Kuryu
Facility Usage Temple Museum
Museum Map

Special Exhibitions