About Group Visits

Is advance booking or notification on the day necessary for a group visit?
It is not necessary. Please come to the reception and inform them of the number of people in your group. Byodoin Temple is open 365 days a year except in the event of unforeseeable occurrences such as natural disasters.
Is parking available for large vehicles and coaches?
Byodoin Temple does not provide parking. Please contact the Uji Car Park across from the South Gate.
Uji Car Park
Will teachers who lead a school trip need to pay the admission fee?
Teachers who lead a school trip, a photographer, or other related people are not required to pay an admission fee.
However, everyone must pay to enter the interior of Phoenix Hall (Hou-ou-do).
Are teachers who visit the temple for a preview of a school trip required to pay the admission fee?
Yes. We charge the general admission fee for the preview of a school trip visit.
Some members of the group have a physical disability certificate. Can they receive an entry discount?
Yes. The person who has the physical disability certificate and one accompanying person will receive 50% off the group admission fee. No advance application is necessary. Please show the physical disability certificate (original; photocopy is not accepted) at the entrance on the day of the visit.