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Is Byodoin Temple closed on certain days?
The garden and Hoshokan Museum are open 365 days a year. The interior of Phoenix Hall (Hou-ou-do) might be closed due to stormy weather and special temple events.
Tea Room “Sabo Toka” is closed every Tuesday.
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How long will I have to wait to visit the temple during the crowded times?
Generally, there is no need to wait to enter the garden and Hoshokan Museum. You may need to wait to visit the interior of Phoenix Hall as the time and the number of people per visit is restricted.
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How long will I need to explore the temple precinct?
It largely depends on the individual’s interest, however, it usually takes 40 to 50 minutes, in general, to enjoy viewing the exterior of Phoenix Hall and Hoshokan Museum. It can take 90 to 120 minutes if one wishes to visit the sub-temples, stop by at the museum shop and enjoy a tea break at Tea Room “Sabo Toka”.
The time estimation above doesn’t include visiting the interior of Phoenix Hall (15 minutes) since it might require some waiting time before one can enter.
Can a person using a wheelchair visit the temple?
Yes, people using a wheelchair can visit the garden and Hoshokan Museum.
However, it is strongly recommended to use the special wheelchair in the garden because the ground is covered with rough gravel.
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Access with wheelchair is not possible to the interior of Phoenix Hall, part of the garden (behind Phoenix Hall), and Saisho-in Temple since there are large level differences. 。
Can you tell us about the wheelchair lending service?
We have a special wheelchair which can reduce fluctuation even on the rough gravel ground.
Please notify staff at the Main Gate or South Gate reception. We don’t accept reservations, but several wheelchairs are available.
Is there priority car parking for physically challenged visitors?
There are two priority car parking spaces in front of the Main Gate. Since we don’t accept reservations, please call us just before you arrive at the temple and ask if the space is available, or notify our staff at the reception.
Are there barrier-free toilets in the temple?
Both of the two toilets in the temple precinct have a barrier-free toilet which can be accessed by wheelchair. There is another barrier-free toilet in Hoshokan Museum. Please notify our staff if you wish to use it.
Are there any facilities provided for looking after babies?
We don’t have a feeding space for babies but a room will be provided if requested. Please notify our staff. Beds for changing diapers are provided in each barrier-free toilet.
Can we visit the temple with our pet?
Only in the garden, a pet can be allowed to enter if it is on a lead or in a cage. No pets are allowed to enter the interior of Phoenix Hall and Hoshokan Museum in order to protect these cultural properties.
Please make sure to clean up after your pet and not to bother other visitors.
We would like to have a guide. Do you provide one?
Our staff member will guide people only while visiting the interior of Phoenix Hall (Japanese language only). You can arrange for an Uji City Volunteer Guide for other places.
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Can you send a brochure by mail before our visit?
Brochures will be provided only at the reception in exchange for the admission fee, therefore, no mailing in advance is accepted. However, you can download the digital brochure.

Download the digital brochure. 

Do you have brochures in other languages and provide instructions?
In addition to Japanese, we have brochures in English, Chinese (Traditional / Simplified) and Korean languages. Instructions in Hoshokan Museum are also written in those five languages.